A deep and honestly philosophical saying of F.M. Dostoevsky in his book "Notes from Underground", which I found by chance in one of the booking store during my trip to Brussels, made me to take thoughts.....Thoughts about life of people from (under) Ground.
Investigating different socials levels, gathering information, talking to homeless artists, who was painting on the streets and trying to sell his work for just few cents...
  talking to old man, selling social newspaper, talking to street kid, who happens to live on the street... 
This is all made my heart break into the pieces... So sad could it be in life...but:
 I could not have notice that they all had something common, untouchable, unrevealed in their eyes. Each time when I approached them, their eyes become shiny and smile was on the face...Amazing, but they looked happy in this moment. Moment when they got NOTICED and NOT IGNORED. 
 Everyone of them had his own truly personal story, which made me think over and over...
And then thought:- Yes, they will be my Heroes, my Heroes from Underground, from the very bottom of the life, who inspired me with their endless motivation not to wave and go further.
"... pain and suffering are always inevitable for a large intelligence and a deep heart. The really great men must, I think, have Great Sadness on Earth..."
This collection is the result of my own attitude and philosophy about Happiness and LOVE on the Earth, with NO regards to social levels and amount of money in a pocket. This collection is about HUMAN being from (under)-Ground.
It appears pure, mute, with  a feeling of deep aesthetic and dark Avant-Garde.