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How are you?

I am very much glad to welcome you here! I'm Elena Ganstein and I have a Mission- to create beautiful living environments and beautiful homes to make you feel better.  My goal is to make Home Decor achievable and affordable for everyone.

I'll  introduce myself and share my journey from working as a Fashion Designer to starting an another exciting business as Interior Designer and Furniture Artist.

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My Story

My dear reader,


I have always been drawn to colours, creativity and DIY. When I was 13, the USSR felt, the market economy became free and the first European "fashion" magazines, like Burda or Otto came to Russia. I was looking at these pages with my wide eyes, as I haven't seen the clothes like that before. The fashion industry at that time was very undeveloped,  producing clothes that "uniforming" everyone.

I was rebellious. I wanted to be different. I wanted to look like Madonna in the 90's, like Marie Fredriksson from Roxette or these cool boys from Modern Talking. As it was not possible to buy anything, I started to do my first designs by myself, upcycling almost everything, what I could find in my Mom's old wardrobe. I am was happy to wear what I " designed". It felt different, it felt cool, it felt rebellious and I was an eye-catcher. When I grew up, I turn my passion for clothes and design into my profession. 

I graduated in 2014 from International Fashion School ESMOD, had a 6-month internship in Tokyo, met a lot of Japanese designers and avant-garde artists and learned from them a lot too, before I opened my own fashion label GANSTEIN.ATELIER. 

I was very lucky with my teachers. During my study in ESMOD we, students, were literally " forced" to do fashion design  projects from the very unusual, sometimes technical, materials that at the first sight were just not possible to do! But we had no other choice than JUST TRYING OUT, experimenting, fail, if not worked out, and try again. It was an exciting experience that influence my way of creating things. I became visionary. Creative. Fearless. Curious for NEW.

In 2020, when the world has almost stoped in its first lockdown, GANSTEIN.ATELIER went for Furniture Redesign  and Interior Decor. This was not new for me- I'd always had it as a nice hobby. I love to upcycle something old or existing into a beautiful and unique piece. To give a second change, a second life, contribute to eco climate and helping my clients to create a beautiful home at lower budget.

I love what I am doing. To me, a perfect home is those that reflects your style, makes you feel better,  happier.

Seeing these homes come " alive" and people enjoying to be at home, to see their thankful faces, to read thankful words is a biggest driver for me to continue. I have a feeling- I am on the RIGHT place and do the right job. Its amazing to create positive emotions in people with my work.

My journey is continuing. I learn every single day. From other artists, from online courses, from people I meet every day.  Not least, experimenting with pattern, colours,  different methods and techniques. I also get inspired from new materials I can work with. I have started with a simple projects,  like to paint a chair or redesign a chest of drawers. Today I am dealing with more complex projects, like makeover the entire room, redesign tile floor or building a piece furniture on my own, because it was not possible to find something suitable to buy- so, you do it on your own!  I always say, to have a talent is very important, but it is not a key ingredient. Learning by doing, by experimenting is really crucial to reach more and get out of your comfort zone.

I am much happier with my projects  now than before. And I know that I will be even more happier with them in the future as I keep improving every day. 

So, nowadays, I also work closely with people, but instead of tailoring clothes, I tailor their homes,  transforming their style, character and preferences into the walls design, colours, furniture, lighting and special vibe.


Sincerely yours,


I dress Rooms like People

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