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Interior Designer & Furniture Artist


I dress rooms like people

Hello, I'm Elena.


I'm a person behind GANSTEIN.ATELIER and I create a beautiful living environment and beautiful homes to make you feel better. I have always been drawn to color, creativity and DIY.

Unlike the interior designers, who work with structurally finished rooms, I use furniture and accessories to customise living spaces and create a vibe with particular style.

 My goal is to make a home decor achievable and affordable for everyone. I work a lot with already existing furniture and secondary market to reach uniqueness and individuality. 

We are all going through glossy magazines and Instagram, watching these amazing homes of celebrities. They are great, but the reality for most of us is quite different. This doesn't mean that you have to live in an ugly home, not at all.

Many studies prove that our surroundings have a direct impact on our mental health and well-being.  How we want our home to feel, it's very personal and it depends on each person. My job is to find out what you, as my client, want to feel when you are home and translate that into colours, furniture, finishing and in all the physical elements that make you feel this way. And DIY is a key element to achieve unique results. From me you can get a custom service, learn how DIY your objects home, or get consulted. Or...just get inspired! 

See you soon,


Home Decorations

Service: Nice Transformation


Online Interior Designer Service

You wish you have a house that makes you feel proud, but don't know how to make it happen? You want to change your interior, but not sure about personal style and preferences? 

I have the KEYS to find the best solution that help you to transform your interior design in the most efficient and effecting way, taking an advantage of existing interior, adding a new flavour and avoiding unnecessary costs.

Hire Online Decorator Advice here.


Redesign of existing

Interior objects 

Do your feel that your furniture has become outdated and not longer makes you happy? Do you have a piece of furniture, which is connected to your memories, but doesn't fit to your room style anymore? Your  tile floor in a rental apartment  looks boring, but you don't know how to change it?

I can help you! Let me redesign your favourites and turn them into the most unique pieces in your home


Room makeover & design of interior objects

Do you want to have a home design that reflects your style, functional and make you feel better?


Leave your fears and confusions behind! Let me to help you to makeover your rooms, by incorporating your personal touch and DNA and  save your money by getting the most out of existing design and furniture.




Let's Work Together

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