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The Label GANSTEIN.ATELIER was founded in 2016 by a creative designer and artist Alenúschka Ganstein. The motivation behind the label is her unavoidable passion to a creative process.

Graduated from International University of Art for Fashion ESMOD, she decided to create her own conceptual avant-garde label, which stands for dark fashion as wearable Art.

Each creative project she approaches with experimental, philosophical and artistic integrity, producing work with unique, experimental design and concept.

Her design is timeless...


“ I don’t care about seasonal in fashion. My clothes have no season, no time. They are timeless.
I create an Identity,  I create a Difference. I'm not a Trend. And if my clothes can help others to stand out of the crowd and feel unique, I’ll be the happiest designer in the world...

I like to remain at the idea stage, getting lost in my
creative process... In this time I feel myself as being a painter while working...

                                                                        Alenúschka Ganstein, designer 












The typical signature of GANSTEIN.ATELIER: timeless, pure,mute, experimental, reduced to the essential,with the utmost respect for the handcraft and high quality materials.

conceptual avant-garde work